Martin's Tackle Box For Sale

Big Announcement **PLEASE READ**
2006 My wife and I had started Martin's Tackle Box in Lake, out of our home, While working for the state of Michigan...After 6 years working with the state of Michigan, the state did cut back and shut our facility down. 2012 We moved our store to Barryton to find a Permanent home where we felt it was needed. We soon outgrew that location and was on the hunt for a bigger better place. That’s when a friend told us about the Earle's place that was available. We made contact and set up a time to take a look and then soon decided that it would be a good fit. We decided to change the name in our New location to Martin's Tackle Box & Sporting Goods. We have been Growing ever since. With a few bumps in the road we continued to grow year after year.... In 2016 we started a Company called Two Track Whitetail Deer Products which manufactures Gourmet deer feed, also scents, attractants, and Hunting accessories. This Company we have decided to Grow even bigger with plans on manufacturing Game calls and other Items. It is a Bittersweet Announcement that we have Decided to Sell Martin's Tackle Box & Sporting Goods Home, Business and Inventory to pursue our New business... We will keep the store stocked and Running and will do so until sold. We will not be closing and we will still run our business as we have always done so for the past 11 years. I do appreciate each and everyone of you and all the continued support, I do truly hope that someone would purchase the store and keep it going for many more years to come. This area needs a place like this and would do Great with New Blood and New fresh Minds to take it to the next level. Please keep stopping in as we are still adding more new items each week and with spring and summer stock coming in we will have a Great Selection as always. Keep checking out our site at, and our new Business at